#MontySummit 2015: Bracket Computing will support you on hyper scale architectures

They were former IronPort NetApp EMC’s employees
Past three decades we were working with traditional technologies… like big boxes (appliances, scale-up stuff)
Ten years ago architectures has changed


Today’s providers like amazon, google, azure use different architectures
You will see thousands of boxes … boxes with ugly faces, not like the traditional appliances
Today’s providers are hyper scale. They are taking more cost from every individual compute, core, memory
Seamless infinite resources to serve customers
In scale out you cannot run out of resources


Traditional software providers are building software for datacenters thinking in silos
Scale out architectures helps you to consume what you just need


Industry needs to address how can I deal with scale out if my Apps works as Scale-up
(Good news! They works with openstack!)


Brackets brings an highly reliable and automated platform
platform will be separated from the underneath Capacity
Bracket virtualizes cloud resources
Brackets separates workload from capacity thru their computing “cell”


All will be manage by “Directive”

Your platform will expand and contract depending on your App’s SLAs
Reduce months to seconds to provide hardware for enterprise needs
It’s a new definition for the datacenter offer
Run tour Apps on hyper scale architectures with confidence

It will work as an extension of your private cloud
Apps could be migrated to the cell transparently
Will bring extremely predictable performance

There will look the Best fit into all hyper scale providers depending on your SLAs… Google brings you better networks and compute performance, Amazon bring cheaper storage cost for archiving and so on.

Cryptograph boundaries protects your info against breaches in the public resources. They put a lot energy into security key management. They are constantly rotating keys

Provides Budget control
Developers don’t control budgets. the idea si avoid surprises

They started 2011 at you can visit them at Brkt.com


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