#MontySummit 2015 @Coldlightco focus into your core analytic problem

#MontySummit (montgomerysummit.com) gathers entrepreneurs, investors, and leading executives to discover the most important innovations in business and technology. Here you have my impressions from one of their 30min sessions:

Lack of Data Scientists in the market. They will help you to focus your analytics efforts into your core problem


Data scientists cloud be executing learning machines techniques automatically using their product called “Neuron” (you ca see the slides for more information)

Pay my attention that you can implement their technology into an individual device (IoT)

They call it “Nanolytics” … Intelligence of Things
Instead to send bare data to warehouse or any other repository. Your watch will share what it’s learned. That Eliminates issues about privacy laws for IoT

Maybe challenges adapting any analytic case to the platform, you could lose some flexibility.

Other possible issue is to support every device’s code. I am not fully sure how they plan to distribute it and keep up to date…

See you around!

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