#MontySummit 2015 @DWNLD_me Appificate your web content

#MontySummit (montgomerysummit.com) gathers entrepreneurs, investors, and leading executives to discover the most important innovations in business and technology. Here you have my impressions from one of their 30min sessions: DWNLD

I came a few minutes later to see what DWNLD actually is


watched a lot of art pictures (I like art pictures)


But I’ve got lost first about what they really are, after some seconds I’ve got it, they can take any web content, I mean any like Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Face into a beautiful App that blows your mind (right this moment I though to take my personal content into an App)


Base on a subscription model today of USD 15/mo, you will get it


They’ve got some optimizations into the schema or content management, or something like this

With this amazing… idea who cares!

They have a beautiful process call “Automated Customer Acquisition” (see pictures)

And improving their technology over the time (machine learning)

see more at DWNLD.me (bye)

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