#MontySummit 2015 @ScienceLogic Next generation enterprise IT monitoring

#MontySummit (montgomerysummit.com) gathers entrepreneurs, investors, and leading executives to discover the most important innovations in business and technology. Here you have my impressions from one of their 30min sessions: @Sciencelogic

Next Generation IT Monitoring for the Hybrid Cloud
works in a Subscription model to monitor clouds. Works in a service deliverable model




Focus on federal, providers and enterprise market

When Intel started providing low cost compute we were led to client/server architectures after mainframe. BMC IBM and CA where dominating market to monitor mainframes. Sciencelogic will be the next generation



Entrance of orchestration solution like OpenStack. They understand how this new actor is behaving

They partner service now to integrate them into their operation.

Equinix is one of their most important customers and partners. Equinix’s changed from CA IBM and BMC to Sciencelogic.

Equinix was looking for Single pane of glass to monitor infrastructure and cloud infrastructure

shows automatic dynamic relationships in one picture. they can talk with property environments, then It can build a picture of relationships in 5 min

Most comprehensive monitor app for amazon that amazon itself. Strong validation today with an important installed base.

They are trying to dashboard better (next efforts)

99% is over monthly subscription revenue. Net Churn 3%. Customers buy after a 3 year subscription 110% more.

Let people put focus in App and Security layer. They take care of the infrastructure.

I want to test it and see how many systems actually supports…

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