#MontySummit 2015: @CounterTack protects from new attack vector

#MontySummit (montgomerysummit.com) gathers entrepreneurs, investors, and leading executives to discover the most important innovations in business and technology. Here you have my impressions from one of their 30min sessions: Countertack

A Security Solution implemented at Endpoint level. Based on Detection & Respond thru Machine Learning.

Some stats: 64k incidents in 2014; Since 2005  4458 breaches (Costs 500.000B)

Endpoint is the new attack vector in the market
CounterTack’s Mission: put enterprises back in control of their endpoints
Collect info from endpoints and put it into analytics platforms (Machine Learning)

Automated Response: Automate quarantine of some threats. i.e. Detects events into the network and put devices in Quarantine or kill processes… Not just actionable data

Works as a driver at endpoint to get data
Big data model across the network
Attackers can not see it
Not doing at cloud is a big differentiator (sounds weird based on current trends)

Average costs USD20 per endpoint/year (subscription model)

I really want to see it in action…

read at countertack.com

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