The real problem behind highly transactional applications

Performance and Resilience are not solved exclusively by infrastructure. You can implement your site on the most fastest cloud on the earth, but you have to spend an important time defining your logical architecture and how is the best way that every application’s component could talk each other… Good post Alvaro! Let’s try to remove this lack of concern to think how the application scales in transactions and consider all layers, not only infrastructure or kernel settings. Let’s design thinking that components could fail at any moment.


An architecture trying to respond a least 10000 concurrent connections per second, is trying to solve the C10K problem, even if this is so last decade is still breaking servers, architectures and configurations, giving to sysadmins real headaches and not always because of real connections, also for basic DDoS attacks (pretty much is the same concept: lots and lots of new connections to the same service).

Today, because of the need of connecting and sharing resources across infrastructures and also the need of implement high availability in solutions many companies have implemented SOA or multi layer solutions, when this solutions can became handy, it could be also be a problem if are not implemented in the correct way: without the proper testing set, and sometimes people don’t even know it if the architecture implemented is going to respond in the correct way or even the way that the developers team…

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