Innovate better means not to use previous achievement as the only reference to decide what to do next… open your work to others, as Memo has done thru github, helps you to get collaboration, stay open to suggestions, critics… you would build a community, loyalty around your projects… not exclusively listening to your ego has to say about what the community actually wants…


Part of the efforts we are making as DevOps team is to promote collaboration and opensource here in Kio Networks.The organization has fully supported us and Mauricio Rojas our CTO  told us we can release all projects that we  internally develop.

We already have shared some plugins and scripts as heat  templates, but this time we want to go further.

I want to share the project I’m starting today, KoolfitMeter.

What it is?

KoolfitMeter is a Django-based project, aimed at providing a complete capacity planning dashboard which gives an overview of the use of several implementations of OpenStack clouds. KoolfitMeter provide web based interactions with Ceilometer to audit various clouds from a single interface.

I decided to use Django, the same framework that is currently  using Horizon, the OpenStack Dashboard.

Here you can see the code:

So if you are a python programmer, an interested in OpenStack or just someone who…

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