Social Shred: Come home

It’s been a while that I started with this blog. Despite I love tech seriously, sometimes I want to change the topic and share some about life, music, fun.. I am not a native english speaker… my understanding is still coming from a literal translation… I am taking some time to study and practice through lyrics, books and videos. Trying to grab idioms and non-cognates from maybe non so epic statements and readings. to illustrate a case, through out this small post I am using “unrelenting”, this word doesn’t have direct meaning in Spanish, there is the main reason cause these sentences have got my attention (also because they came loosely).

Come Home
(Adapted from a Facebook’s interaction between James McGarry and friends )

Come home… Enough is enough…
Well said… They told… Keep the pressure on.
I’m unrelenting, but he’s a tough nut to crack!… He said
Who is this character you all speak of….
Shakes head… They told…
Oh! he scratches chin…
…to be fair, there is oft much chin scratching involved whenever one casts one’s thoughts upon him
…And often not the chin.
Finally spoke: There’s no way I’m coming home with all that weird scratching going on.
They have “cream” here now for the scratching… the cream does sooth the affliction…

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