#Koolfit – Our Private OpenStack Offer vs the Public Giant AWS (Part 1/3)

It’s been months promoting Koolfit (koolfit.mx) into the market.  The most serious Private Cloud offer based on OpenStack, OpenVSwitch and Ceph. Thanks to the amazing KIOs’ talent that rapidly turn it into a strategic IT asset for any company.

In order to understand what are the most used components among the OpenStack users. The foundation has conducted a survey to the last summit’s attendance. Results have proved KVM, Ceph and OpenVSwitch are the most used techs components among. check out yourself at survey results Nov 2014.

Now, check out koolfit.mx and the pillar techs used to make it of… not a coincidence…

Try to compare Koolfit vs AWS, It’s like to compare Private vs Public. not fair? You can check the post “OpenStack vs. Amazon: The Power of Distributed Computing” where you will find some Collier’s statements like “Over the long run, distributed beats monolithic” …”There is a monolith in the room that we can’t ignore” (he meant AWS of course)…

Why would you choose Koolfit over AWS?

The main purpose of Koolfit is to be the best Private Cloud option available… BIG GOALS don’t scare us… we GO BIG!

Koolfit could be off-promise in any of our datacenters in LATAM or could live on-premise in yours. Koolfit’s techs are supported by the opensource community that brings us compatibility with other projects’ advocates on the globe… something that just one vendor would never be able to achieve…

We tried to make Koolfit easy to quote, easy to understand… However, there are many options to choose and the most attractive are “bare metal” bundles. Bare metals bring dedicated hardware for compute and storage for sure. Memory is not oversubscribed and you will have a dedicated networked storage based on SSD connected through multiples 10Gbps links managed by Ceph. There won’t be any other customer in it.

koolfit site screen shot

Next post I will bring a case proving that AWS is worth to build your small business on. However, enterprise and mid-market needs are much wider and complex. A high demand for infrastructure and performance, It wouldn’t be fully satisfied through Public cloud. As much as agility and elasticity would be important factors, performance and management challenges will grow your bill to such amount that you will have to consider further options. Then, a private cloud won’t sound so hard to consider as one of the best available choices.

So, Koolfit brings the benefits of a private cloud and the power of the openstack community. Also, Koolfit brings managed services to make easy start enjoying the full potential of openstack into your business. Koolfit brings immediate availability of the infrastructure and a predictable fixed monthly payment. It will be easier your transition to private, or even you can start directly from private, that it would be more familiar if you don’t have any former experience taking stuff to Public.

See you into the next post!

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