ZTP Server – Deploy new switches without touching them

DevOps culture is built it on Automation… this is one of the best examples how this apply and improve day-by-day operation… Jesús thanks for sharing…


Having a bunch of new networking gear like switches, might be time-consuming for the implementation team to get them up and running.

ZTP stands for Zero Touch Provisioning and it allows you to configure a switch without user intervention. Must be said, ZTP is built exclusively for ARISTA Switches. It provides a flexible solution for provisioning the network infrastructure without requiring a network engineer on site.

This is how it works:

1) An arista switch must be connected to the same lan where the ZTP server is installed.

2) When booting, the arista switch is going to send a dhcp request in order to get its startup-config

3) The ZTP server must be a DHCP server in order to reply with the given startup configuration for a certain switch

4) Step three depends on certain variables such as the switch mac address or serial number and connections that switch has.

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