#Koolfit – Our Private OpenStack Offer vs the Public Giant AWS (Part 2/3)

Hi again… Resuming our previous post, Koolfit has been conceived to bring a private cloud service to the market. Koolift is based on the OpenStack and other OpenSource related projects. Koolfit takes to your doorway the power of the openstack community and distributed computing.

Before moving on to the next lines, I want to thanks to @chalescobedo, @crancurello, @galvarado89, @evictoria3 and @fsalas0712 for their tremendous support to build this comparison.

Koolfit supports many configurations (check this out at koolfit.mx for further info)… the smallest Bare Metal bundle is called Cumulus and you can have 480GB of memory to split over your tenants. You could assign tenants to specific users or maybe you can rent tenants to external users. You will be able to define quotas inside any project and delegate the administration of it.

Dashboard brings access to features that come from last released projects like heat (templates to orchestrate apps), neutron (network orchestration), cinder (storage volumes orchestration)… we are in OpenStack Juno… and Kilo is our target through out the next months.

Everything is high available, data is protected through a double copy using Ceph redundancy features (we are in version Giant). All storage systems have been built on SSD. Flash Cards have been used as journal.

Every component is monitored using serverdensity.com (check my latests post for details). We had to develop some pieces of code to make it works thru APIs. Today, you can have your own dashboard to configure alerts on your applications and their related infra components.

Below you will see a screen shot of the online quoting tool.

screen shot koolfit quoter

Let’s compare prices

Koolfit Cumulus Bare Metals costs $12.8K/month with 480GB physically dedicated memory, 240 vCPUs and 8800GB of SSD physically dedicated storage.

Now, let’s go to AWS calculator.
Not 100% the same configuration, you cannot compares a shared infrastructure with a dedicated one
We use high perf instances: 14 units of c4.2xlarge and 8 units of c4.4xlarge to reach almost 480GB memory
of course configured 100% utilization.
7.6 TB SSD storage through 22 EBS “Provisioned IOPS” volumes with 1000 IOPS each (no snaps)
50TB/month as Data Transfer Out value… Koolfit includes Data Transfer utilization (a small AWS instance is limited to 250Mb/s, then you can get over 50TB/month easily with just one)
The estimated monthly bill of $18.8K/mth for an on-demand (no contract) service (check yourself at AWS calculator)

No fair? Ok, let’s go for the same configuration one Year Contract No Upfront reserved… about $16K/mth (I think It’s best to go on-demand if you are smart enough to play with instances’ utilization without putting at any risk your business). You can get further info into the saved configuration at AWS Calculator (thanks @galvarado89 for sharing it)

Also, I you get this contract from a local AWS partner or representative, probably you need to pay an extra 20% overcost…

AWS vs Koolfit calculator

Get your own conclusions by now… mines are coming..  See you into the next part!

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