#Koolfit – Our Private OpenStack Offer vs the Public Giant AWS (Part 3/3)

Resuming our previous post, Koolfit has been conceived to bring a private cloud service to the market. Koolift is based on the OpenStack and other OpenSource related projects. Koolfit takes to your doorway the power of the openstack community and distributed computing.

Throughout last post, we did a price comparison Koolfit vs AWS. We took a Koolfit Bare Metal Cumulus configuration, and we tried to create a similar configuration using the AWS’s calculator. We are 20% cheaper. Honestly, 20% is not an important different if you think AWS has been reducing prices systematically since 2006 over 40 times ( Ref: Amazon Web Services SVP – More price cuts are coming by JP Mangalindan). However, biggest configuration brings savings over 60% vs AWS prices. Why?

Companies like HubSpot, Moz and Zynga have left AWS to install their services on private solutions getting over 60% of cost reduction (check this out to get further details: Public cloud vs Private cloud, It’s all about cost by Gerarint Jones). Companies that are getting an steady pattern usage of their infrastructure will not be getting important benefits from Public clouds. Otherwise, private will help us to reduce cost significantly.

Getting a hosted Koolfit configuration will bring you dedicated hardware, and a tenant in our monitoring solution to get in-depth info about its real utilization and a much better utilization of the resources. Therefore, an amazing cost reduction vs the most scalable and elastic cloud in the market. As Geraint Jones said “Unfortunately most companies wait until they are significantly benefiting the bottom line of public cloud providers before they wake up to the reality”.

If you think your operation is big and steady enough to get your own private cloud, you can try our bundles (Virtual Private Solutions) to understand what is the difference between your current public console and your future hosted private’s dashboard. Actually, features are so similar between the former and the latter.

Koolfit is based on Openstack and other OpenSource projects, that means that you eventually be able to build your own solution absolutely on-premise. However, the most common option is to outsource the hosting into a third-party’s datacenter. Why not ask a company like us better to bring the whole stack solution? Maybe with the current high densities that today’s hardware are offering, you won’t need to rent full racks at your service. Honestly, you can avoid all this over-thinking and get your Koolfit.

Well, I hope you were having fun reading this serie of posts, as I was, writing this up.

See you around!

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