#OpenStackSummit #Vancouver When #Koolfit showed Who rules #OpenStack in LATAM

KIO Networks has been with the OpenStack community since 2011. We’ve been as foundation’s member for almost 3 years. We’ve passed the learning curve years ago. Koolfit has proved that.

Few guys passed by our booth really know us. Most them start saying: What’s Koolfit?

After hundreds of questions we mastered our introduction:

“Koolfit is a Hosted Private Cloud Solution based on OpenStack. We’ve been as foundation’s member for almost three years. You can go to our site koolfit.mx and get prices in just a couple of clicks. You will find several configurations. Biggest one reaches over 5TB of memory, 70TB or SSD and almost a thousand of virtual cores for less than 50K/month. We’re bring dedicated Hardware for compute, storage and orchestration. Biggest configuration like this could bring you saving for 70% in comparison with any Public Cloud solution based on 100% dedicated and reserved instances. Our storage solution is based on Ceph and OpenVSwitch. Koolfit belongs to Kionetworks, a Mexican Headquartered Company with 32 datacenters in Mexico, Central America, Spain and San Diego. Koolfit is provided from our Datacenter located Mexico City an Queretaro for now”

Of course we were showing our online “Quoter” explains better and amazed more.

Following attendees’ questions were something like:

Q: What version?
A: Juno in production and Kilo in preparation. Also we are using Ceph Hammer in Production

Q: What hardware?
A: We use commodity server with Intel Hardware, even SSD are Intel branded.

Q: May I create tenants? Do I have all OpenStack projects for myself?
A: We provide the all OpenStack experience in every Hosted Private Cloud. Our Bare Metal solution provides All OpenStack projects as Horizon (Dashboard), Keystone (Keys), Nova (Compute), Cinder (Block Storage), and even Neutron (Network) on independent and dedicated to all customers. Glance (images) is shared between customers to take advantage from different images that any other customer could create (after a previous revision of course)

Q: Do you provide support in Spanish?
A: Yes, We do

Q: What distro?
A: We are using Vanilla version on Ubuntu adding some pieces of code for some additional features and functionalities.

Q: What Hyper-Visor?
A: The core is KVM, and after ESX

Q: Can we get koolfit on-premises?
A: Yes, you can, we can do that for bigger configurations and also we can deliver that ad-hoc. I mean if you need to work with any specific distribution, we’ll be pleased to help you out. That kind of configurations requires to contact us to work on prices. Also, we can help integrate other components like VMWare NSX, Hyper-V.

Others comments that took my attention. “What amazing opportunity you have guys!” “Congrats! I don’t see anybody else doing that there down”

We’ve got amazing discussions with other companies like Taligent, One Converge, I will bring more later.

See you!

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