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Very excited, We’ve got a huge respond from the regional community on June 2nd. People came from Mexico, Spain, Panama, Dominicana. We’ve doubled our first version’s attendance: 600 peers. The biggest OpenStack Day ever. And we’ve got amazing characters on the main stage:

  • Monty Taylor (OpenStack Board’s member, who tests and accepts code’s changes. I have to say is doing a good job, it’s pretty hard to get just one confirmed commit )
  • Ruchi Barghava (Intel, Leading R&D and code contribution to OpenStack and OpenDayLigth)
  • Hari Kannan (HP Helion, Building Reference Architectures, supporting adoption)
  • Alberto Morgante (BBVA, leading and operating openstack developments into the bank)
  • Luis Fernando Cassaigne (EMC, Cloud Solution Architect)
  • Alley Hassam (Dell, Director Enterprise Sales)
  • John Cupit (Huawei, leading datacenter and cloud adoption practices)

We’ve got a short opening from our CEO Sergio Rosengaus speaking the importance of this conference to the local community. KIO hadn’t keynote this time. We’ve got so many sponsors that we have to pass our time over… oh yeah! we’ve also doubled sponsors 🙂

Monty taught the importance to keep openstack’s implementations as much simple you can. Customers could not require projects like neutron or cinder. Customers could require just public instances with a defined local storage capacity.

Make it simple. make it easier.

Our team brought an amazing workshop how devops design and operate openstack at KIO. Memo and Eduardo showed why we have chosen tools like slack, trello, serverdensity, wiki, ansible, saltstack and others to bring better management and control.

Through out keynotes’ presentations it had been talking briefly about new features in KILO announced in Vancouver: Enhancements into neutron. Bringing better maturity for HA for L3 and distributed routers. Eraser codes storage policies at Swift – beta, and requires more CPU and network resources, be advised – and the most important change is Federation identity. Latter will help to build up a real community of providers for distributed compute around the globe.

We talked about some super users like Walmart and its private cloud of 100K cores. Also, We’ve got a cool use case as the closing session: BBVA, who was presented as an important use case in OpenStack Summit Paris Last year. Alberto showed as they’ve created a practice called Sec-DevOps that help to bank automate security policies. They are using KVM and Nuage (Alcatel’s SDN).

OpenStack community is rising in LATAM at a fast pace. We’ve got a lot of millennials Devs very interested in the most technical workshops. Next, You bet that we’ll work hard to get sessions with more technical insight.

All sessions pointed out the importance to embrace OpenStack: the coolest tech trend nowadays.

Lot of excitement on the network:



See you soon!

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