Netflix Moves Into Original Feature Films, Starting This October

Maybe this is a big change for more than an industry. A model that “means producers get a guaranteed paycheck” Wow!

Streaming is bringing an immediate accessibility to your favorite media. Personally, I’ve been able to reach very unknown artists, just searching y seeing users’ reviews.
Maybe, if we try to bring this immediate availability to other products/services, we can help more talented people get their “guaranteed paycheck” and enjoy their work and what they do better.

I know there are celebrities complaining about this new way to distribute media. Reasons are manifold and some ones are really valid. Maybe the number that they would get from their “paycheck” isn’t worth enough. However, this model could be the only affordable way for many talented artists to reach their audience, and even get a “paycheck” to survive. Let’s think in the community and less in our own needs.

Let’s think long term.

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