Dreaming Hyper-Converged Datacenters

Selling IT consultancy, hardware and software is still a door-to-door business at enterprise segments. Companies don’t get your services without a trustworthy face. Even service providers don’t get IT infrastructure without a struggling process among meetings.

On the other hand, AWS has changed how to consume IT. You will get the IT stuff you need immediately. The perfect service whether you don’t care about where your data is and the fact that you are sharing resources. Enterprise does care along with the necessity to lower costs and stay agile.

Can you just pick a datacenter in the city of your choice? Get the configuration of hardware as you pleased to build whatever you need, no matter how much capacity or speed are you looking for.

Manufacturing and delivery will converge into one concept: Hyper-Converged Datacenters (HDCs).

As soon as you have confirmed your online purchase, your configuration will be manufactured and delivered in seconds, configurations of any scale of compute and storage among different sites.

3D printers would enable hardware locally at industrial scales.

19’’ racks will make way to other type of standards. Smaller cubes will bring much higher densities of power. Cubes would act as 3D puzzle pieces that can be attached at any direction. It would be giving space to better ways to save energy, water and space.

HDCs will be distributed in tens of small facilities centrally managed into every zone. Facilities wouldn’t be separated away each other for more than 60 miles. That would make easier to get appropriate locations for your data processing based on your proximity.

Hardware deployments will be absolutely orchestrated by software. Humans wouldn’t touch any piece. Cabling will be solve in matter of seconds through a built-in fiber optic circuit as part of the cube’s structure.

You would be able to buy online software along with the hardware. Software defined techs help to add or remove hardware with no disruption (Note 1).

At last, your platform is done. A couple of clicks away to enable users to access the service catalog. And what AWS has built through out years, you’d get it in seconds and about 10% of the cost.

See you!

Note 1: Software products are embracing standards to run on commodity hardware. IT vendors are openly defining communities around these standards. Vendors are contributing into some open source projects forcing them to stay competitive.

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