Timely drives innovation

Startups are being the way to innovate today.  Big/Medium organizations fail to enable it as an in-house ordinary process, though they have the talent and experience. Failures come most from lack of culture of embracing the change. Seed capital and acquisitions are being the workaround.

Having ideas is easier than changing a paradigm like “It works, don’t touch it”

Developing new products it’s hard even with the sponsorship from the board. CFO office will give you the bucks to fire this project up, but not before you bring a solid business case.

At this time, you have the perfect conditions to make this happens: sponsorship, money and dedicated resources. Still there is not guaranteed success.

No matter how many mistakes, and how bad they are, whether you solve them timely. The team has to work thinking that everyday counts like it’d be the last of their lives. Some practices will keep the sense of urgency alive:

  • Define weekly reviews, and objectives, though not losing the final target.
  • Meetings are not just for planning. They are part of the execution.
  • Ideas and meetings are worthless whether you don’t end them up in actions and deadlines.
  • And deadlines are “committed in blood” at the time the team has agreed with them.

See you soon!

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