Create your own on-premises SDN experience in 30min #nuagenetworks

Caution! Use it under your own risk. Intended for PoCs and Labs

Create a Nuage VCS in a KVM Box

Hello there. Bored to create and recreate many times a dns/ntp/dhcp and Nuage VSP ( SDN controller ) servers for my demos. I’ve created this playbook It would create a libvirt VMs and set bind, ntp and dhcp up in one of the servers. And Nuage VSD ( management ) and a couple of VCSs (control).

Quick Start

Step 1: Create Dummies/Bridges interfaces

Create your bridges and dummies interfaces if you plan to install this in one box. If you don’t plan to use just one Box. Skip this step. Check _bridges.yml for settings details. _bridges.yml playbook will set your KVM server with the following:

  1. Disable selinux
  2. Enable forwarding
  3. Disable NetworkManager and Firewall
  4. Flush iptables and create NAT rules
  5. Create dummies and Bridges
  6. Reboot KVM host

Step 2: Create KVM domains and install software SDN and more.

You had to be sure you will access all the servers from your ansble-host. Create routes if you need. Check build.yml and nserver-deploy.yml vars previously to run the follow:

git clone
cd vsc-in-a-box
curl > /tmp/centos7.qcow2
# Copy your vsd and vsc qcow2 images to /tmp/vsc40r61.qcow2 and /tmp/vsd40r61.qcow2
# If you need those images ping me at
ansible-playbook build.yml


You can use either _bridges.yml (you have to uncomment _bridges-reset role and comment _bridges role into the file ) to reverse bridges and dummies; or _reset-all.yml to destroy allyour KVM domains.


All the vars are in build.yml to create the server. And use nserver-deploy.yml for the services. Check the vars before to proceed.

You can change things like:

  1. domain (i.e. sdn40r61.lab )
  2. hostnames ( the FQDN must be defined accordingly with the domain )
  3. ip address and netmasks ( don’t forget to check that on build.yml and nserver-deploy.yml )
  4. Images paths
  5. VSC system.ip
  6. memory, vcpus and disk size where is defined.

Have fun!

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  1. The script works like a charm. This was my first time working with KVM and all I had to do was install CentOS on a baremetal server, install kvm with a yum command, ping Mauricio for the qcow images and run the script. 30 minutes later everything was up and running! Can’t wait to get my hands dirty with Nuage and SDN!

    • Sorry man, not checking this site now. I am moving on to other. I can’t share images now. Used to have this option. Not anymore. However, you can try directly with you Nokia representative. He should be able to manage it.

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