ZFB NSGv using an iso file

Scott. Always wanted to publish a step-by-step for ZTB. You saved my date buddy!

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Network Services Gateway (NSG) is the Nuage SD-WAN product that comes in many forms. In this blog we’ll talk about how to bootstrap a Virtual NSG for KVM using an .iso file, or Zero Factor Bootstrap (ZFB). ZFB is one of three bootstrap methods. The other two require human intervention via email (single) or email plus SMS Text (dual).

I was going to start listing prerequisites which I typically post but realized that there really aren’t any. Since the .iso file can either be placed on a USB stick or mounted using either ESXi or KVM the options are really open as to how you want to utilize it.

In this article we’ll use the following to bootstrap an NSG

  • .iso file with NO USB stick required
  • CentOS KVM host simulating a server at a remote location (Branch1)
  • Static IP Address for both MPLS and Internet facing ports from the NSGv


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