Docker with Nuage Integration

You saved me last night with this post. I couldn’t have made it work without it. thanks buddy.

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The Nuage Virtual Router and Switch (VRS) can be utilized on a number of different platforms including BareMetal Servers, ESXi, KVM and HyperV. In this post we’re going to utilize the VRS as part of a KVM Docker Server running on a CentOS7.3 Minimum Server. During the time of this post the version of Nuage being utilized is 4.0R8 but the process should be similar on future releases.


  • VSD (standalone or cluster) and VSC (at least 1) must be deployed and operational
  • CentOS Server with at least 1 NIC that has reachability to both the VSD and VSC/s
  • CentOS Server must have internet access for updates
  • Access to the nuage-openvswitch and nuage-docker-monitor rpm files

Server preparation

1. Stop and disable NetworkManager, start network and disable firewalld

2. Disable SELINUX
vi /etc/selinux/config

3. Clean the cache and update the system
rm -fr /var/cache/yum/*
yum clean all
yum -y update


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