Single Host Networking with Docker Libnetwork and Nuage SDN

Mostafa. Thanks very much. Nice job. This is important update how Containers works with Nuage. Seems also a more clean way that before. Using –driver –ipam-driver brings network details from nuage we couldn’t got before.

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The Nuage libnetwork plugin allows users to create new networks of type Nuage. Nuage libnetwork plugin runs on every docker host. Each Docker host, whether bare-metal or virtual, also has the VSP’s Virtual Routing and Switching (VRS) component installed on it. VRS, a software agent, is the Nuage user space component of standard Open vSwitch (OVS). It is responsible for forwarding traffic from the containers, performing the VXLAN encapsulation of layer-2 packets, and enforcing security policies. When creating a Docker container, the user can specify what Zone or Policy Group it belongs to. All endpoints in a given Zone adhere to the same set of security policies. Nuage libnetwork plugin supports built in IPAM driver where the IP address management is done by VSP.

The libnetwork plugin supports both local and global scope networks. The scope defines if your network is going to propagate to all the nodes as part of your cluster…

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