Happy 2018, and by the way, SDWAN is growing bad…

I’ve been working more than two years in Nuage Networks traveling all around Americas (North, Central and South. And BTW, Mexicans are North-Americans. Please, don’t tell me otherwise. ok? ). Now, we have SDWAN initiatives thru Local Operators, Service Providers and Startups all over.

On the beginning, almost all my actions were related to promote and show how SDN can make things simpler and faster at the Datacenter. Techs like OpenStack and Docker where my entry point into any opportunity. Besides most of companies are still stuck with VMware. Customers want to lower costs and take advantage of orchestration. However, There’s big thing to sort out first… “the network”. Besides projects like Neutron and Dockers, Companies still have so much to do to make them work widely. 

Nuage can manage any kind of workload at the datacenter, either public or private ones. It can help to make that transition much faster and smoother.

Over the last year I’ve been putting more and more hours into SDWAN though. Why? Let’s blame the instant gratification… or Smart Phones, Moore’s law. 

An important factor is Telcos (a.k.a. Service Providers) have a huge delay on matters of Innovation (i.e Orchestration). On the other hand, customers are more hunger than ever for a more reliable, agile, affordable service.

Other reason is because Internet has many times more coverage, better price and reliability than a few years ago. Services as Spotify, Amazon video and Netflix are showing us that to download an App is much cheaper and faster than waiting for the TV cable technician to show up. Or are you still using a separated cable for each TV, Phone, Internet service at home?

Services Providers should seize the opportunity instead to see how to protect their current network.

Service providers, for companies like us, are a big pay-check opportunity. We’re helping some of them to develop new services on top of SDWAN. However, what is the rush for most of them? They actually did, over the end of the “last century”, a big investment for their MPLS network. They are getting more profit over-subscribing it.

Companies like Banks and Retails are tired of that. Waiting months to get services configured. Paying every month fortunes for a MPLS service that actually sucks. How much revenue won’t you get for waiting to have your branch connected? They haven’t known any other option until SDWAN came up.

SPs are still thinking on SDWAN as a cheap CPE box they used to install at branches. When SDWAN is putting all the intelligence over the end-points. Making the Network devices irrelevant when a VPN is stablished. Customer will have “absolute” visibility over every uplink performance. Managing better redundancy between two links attached to “different” networks (i.e. a MPLS and Internet). They can even switch paths for their Apps based on jitter information and thresholds.

Some local Operators has seen it. Even when they have a “huge” disadvantage over known Service Providers cause their tiny or non-existant network infrastructure. They don’t have a huge investment to protect. They can be more creative on what services to bring on top of it. Bringing “premium” private networks to enterprises not owing a piece of cable. Something as Uber bringing transportation services not owing the cars.

Just ping me and let you know who is actually offering that in your location 😉 or if you want to be become one of those visionaries. 

See ya!

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