Blindfolded lady in City Council


Mike and Troy, when they were hanging out on my place, asked me to do some art work like I’ve done on my place, in their just acquired restaurant. The City Council Restaurant & Bar. My first question was regarding what topic. It seems they will change the food menu to something related to asian food – hopefully drinks will stay, I love the moscow mule there – Second was about doing an art mural. Well, it was my first time doing something with flat latex paint. I’ve been always working with soft pastel or pencil. Those are some of the things I have on my place:


Then, I started working on the design. I thought on a geisha, but not the old model of it. Something modern. Then I found this:

Love the hair style and the make up. However, I had to do something with the lips. They look dry, lifeless. And also, the eyes, they needed something. Then something came up. Something that have been stuck in my mind for some time.

For those who doesn’t know me. My natal country is Chile. They have been struggling for some time with protests and a massive discomfort with the current government. I am not here to discuss about this though. Along with this, a feminist performance protesting violence against women started to come up on the media. A performance that was created by the Valparaíso feminist collective called #LasTesis. This has been adopted on many other countries. Countries with an important rate of physical/emotional violence or discrimination against women (i.e. Mexico, Turkey…)


As part of the performance, women are blindfolded and also, they use green cloths on the neck. Then, I thought to use it as part of this art work, like my humble and small contribution to acknowledge this movement. Then, I got a blindfold online and I use Gimp to create my final design that I used as a model for my paint.

Below you can see the process. Thanks for reading and see ya!

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