How to build a art painting canvas with a cheap drop cloth – getting ready

I’ve been taking a break of technology and doing some art painting. You can check some of my art work in my instagram. I have working on paper blocks and murals, but now it’s the time to start doing some canvas. And I want to go with something big size, 7×5 feet.

You need tools like a saw to do 90 and 45 degrees cuts for the 2inx4in timbers and a planer to level off one edge of the exterior timbers used a the main frame.

Then, I will start with the following materials:

  • 9ft x 12ft Canvas Drop Cloth ( $32 in Home Depot )
  • 8 units of  4inx2inx8ft timbers ($4 x 8 = $48)
  • 1 Gallon of primer of any color you want for your background (Mine it’d be gray. It’s about $30)
  • Wood Glue ($5)
  • Screws #8 1 1/3in (40mm), 3in (75mm), & 4in (100mm)  ($20 for boxes you can re-use for more canvas)

For building the frame you can use this video as reference.

After you build this canvas, then I’d use the primer to cover it up and bring the required protection. I’d try at least one layer first. That way, the canvas will last more, And the painting process will be much easier. On my case, I use flat latex for interior. That way, I am saving some money versus using exterior.

I will buy the materials soon and let you know how the process goes.

I believe using art quality or house paint doesn’t make the difference if your design is good. well, let’s see.

See ya!


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  1. Hi, great idea but I’m concerned with using drop cloth as an replacement for canvas…. What did you use to prime your drop cloth? Would the drop cloth deteriorate overtime by using oil or acrylic paints?….

    • Hi Marc, I don’t have experience using oil or acrylic. So far, I have been using Home Depot normal plain latex and primer (check my last artwork at Instagram). The same that you can use on the walls of your house. I think you are right, there’s some risk that drop cloth can deteriorate overtime. I haven’t gotten issues so far though.

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