Tech-Junkie and intellectually curious. Self-taught artist. Father of two amazing kids.

I was born in Santiago de Chile. My family is more related to the music/theater entrepreneurship. Yes, entrepreneurship, I won’t say business, because the driver on this is not definitely money. Figure I have some of my artistic talent on the blood. I like to play guitar and sing, on some opportunities with my kids. I recall doing the same with my parents. I didn’t have an option to say “no” when they got me on some performances. I don’t regret anything though. It was an amazing experience.

Lately, trying to get as much experience as I can painting. I’ve always love to draw an paint. Now, I am doing it more seriously thank to some friends that gave me the required push. Hopefully, I’d be able to have an additional income in the future from it. So far, learning, experimenting, and helping me to disconnect myself from work. And feel I leaving something behind.

Also, thanks to my wife for her unconditionally support on all my crazy projects.

Check some of my artwork: Instagram / p1nrojas

Career in Technology

I’ve been working in IT since 1998. I began my career  in the Service Providers´ area, being responsible for the implementation and support of worldwide class Mobile and Internet messaging products. Later on, I have been focused on supporting the corporative sales area and developing skills in the segment of storage systems, data management and protection.

Joined NetApp Latin America as Regional System Engineer for 7 years before entering KIO Networks as Chief Technology Officer in July 2012. I moved to Mexico City for 3 years.

In the past years I have supported various service providers in the region, including KIO, in building type Enterprise Cloud services for high performance systems with low operating costs and high demands for availability.

Today, I’ve been enjoying the warm and BBQs of Texas. I am Technical Business Development Director at Nuage for Latinoamerica. Supporting projects to automate and orchestrate network and security. Dealing with Telcos, SD-WAN, OpenStack and occasionally containers. I’d love to do more on the latter.

Eternal seeker for technological innovation. Or ta least up to where my capacities and time can take me.



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