eBay, a massive k8s and OpenStack ref case, releasing tessmaster to opensource #os17

Based on their words “K8s is app centric as openstack is Infra centric”. eBay faced many challenges to run K8s. It was hard to make them work seamesslessly. Challenges like multi-tenancy, app security, container registry have been addressed in order to make this work (check on the slides to get more of those) Tessmaster is their own deployment, running on k8s to manage k8s. They … Continue reading eBay, a massive k8s and OpenStack ref case, releasing tessmaster to opensource #os17

Second Generation Cloud #os17

Over OpenStack Summit Boston and based on Bryce’s words, we are facing the second generation cloud. Virtualizing everything, not just compute. Also, a new trend called “remotely managed private cloud” where you own the infra relying on a remote managed service from openstack experts. Kubernetes (including OpenShift of course) is by far the most used tool. Public, hosted private and internal private are almost even … Continue reading Second Generation Cloud #os17

Docker with Nuage Integration

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The Nuage Virtual Router and Switch (VRS) can be utilized on a number of different platforms including BareMetal Servers, ESXi, KVM and HyperV. In this post we’re going to utilize the VRS as part of a KVM Docker Server running on a CentOS7.3 Minimum Server. During the time of this post the version of Nuage being utilized is 4.0R8… Continue reading Docker with Nuage Integration


Originally posted on scotts tech blog:
Need a simple and easy to use Free KVM Manager? While there are many tools out there that offer similar functionality I found that with only a few hosts WebVirtMgr offers a simple and easy UI to create and manage Hypervisors and VM’s. Outline of setting up WebVirtMgr Prepare CentOS 7.3 Server Prepare CentOS 7.3 Client Install and configure… Continue reading WebVirtMGR

OpenStack NFS Storage

Originally posted on scotts tech blog:
Having an OpenStack NFS storage will allow for the testing of VM migration between Nova Compute nodes. The following highlights a simple way of building an NFS storage for your OpenStack VMs. Prerequisites NFS Server with nova access CentOS 7.3 as the NFS Client OpenStack compute nodes deployed (tested on Mitaka and Newton) Server Side Create a directory on… Continue reading OpenStack NFS Storage

Highlight ansible YAML and Jinja syntax in “vim” Editor

Hi Guys, Sometimes. I’m getting a bit dizzy with all those lines playing with ansible. This will helpful to have more fun over your coding. Active syntax colors i your YAML and Jinja files Use this: https://github.com/tpope/vim-pathogen Now add the following lines to vim ~/.vimrc to activate this and start autoloading bundles. Now, download the bundles. You’re done! Now prepare to be amazed “vim” any … Continue reading Highlight ansible YAML and Jinja syntax in “vim” Editor

Scale out #Kubernetes with #Nuage: Installation notes

Howdy, Kubernetes is the dreamed orchestration tool for any developer. However, it could be a nightmare for security guys (get online images make them cringe). After all, K8s manages containers with apps and databases connected to an overlay network. Containers could have sensible information. They could be exploded and used to attack internal/external assets. Nuage will help to microsegment containers and even put security instances … Continue reading Scale out #Kubernetes with #Nuage: Installation notes

#Kubernetes in a few steps

Howdy, There’s a lot online info how to set your kubernetes cluster. This is what I found as the simplest to install your own local one. I am using my own lab server with Centos7 and qemu-kvm. I’ve created two servers called k8scluster and k8snode01 using centos7 cloud images (check the script here) I have a local DNS server based on bind. I’ve created both … Continue reading #Kubernetes in a few steps

Dockers – Nuage shows off micro-segmentation on containers.

Yes! I could dig into containers finally. My first impression is they are faster and easier to handle. I am seeing a hard future for hypervisors. However, Apps must to be designed to work on that sort of constant change. Nuage brings a really good microsegmentation to them and help us to bring advanced routing, security and networks settings (i.e. forwarding, QoS) I am not … Continue reading Dockers – Nuage shows off micro-segmentation on containers.

Resize and manage cloud-init on kvm with centos cloud images

Hi there. The following tools will help you to create virsh domains using CentOS Cloud images (those images can be downloaded from http://cloud.centos.org/centos/7/images). the difference with my previous post “USING CENTOS CLOUD IMAGES WITH VIRSH AND NUAGE METADATA” is I am not using Nuage now. I am using a simple linux bridge to eth0 interface. This could be used to create your own linux lab … Continue reading Resize and manage cloud-init on kvm with centos cloud images