Windows 2012R2 on KVM

Not a fan. Some app requires windows though. I want to stay with KVM on Centos. Then @hballesteros and I figured (after some saint google search) to install windows loading the virtio drives from a cdrom iso over the setup process. 1. First of all you need to have the iso media (cdrom) and download it at your KVM (i.e. evaluation version at Rename … Continue reading Windows 2012R2 on KVM


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Need a simple and easy to use Free KVM Manager? While there are many tools out there that offer similar functionality I found that with only a few hosts WebVirtMgr offers a simple and easy UI to create and manage Hypervisors and VM’s. Outline of setting up WebVirtMgr Prepare CentOS 7.3 Server Prepare CentOS 7.3 Client Install and configure… Continue reading WebVirtMGR

Useful Nuage VRS openvswitch and VSC commands

Check out what is happening actually behind among the VRSs or VSCs is important sometimes. Here you have some useful commands that will help you out. Useful Nuage VRS (OpenVSwitch) Commands Check out Nuage VRS ports and VXLAN tunnels information To get more details try this other one Find out the VRFS service id for our bridge alubr0 into the VRS Get the route table … Continue reading Useful Nuage VRS openvswitch and VSC commands

OpenStack liberty- Remove elements like duplicated hypervisors or unwanted ports

When your are experimenting with openstack, It’s usual have failures. This post shows how to remove these unwanted ports or duplicated compute nodes. Removing Duplicated Compute Nodes I’ve used this trick several times. Cause my Nested OpenStack Nuage lab (and my several installations). I had to remove duplicated nova computes using this procedure. First, let’s check out our hypervisors. [root@ocs01 ~]# . keystonerc_admin [root@ocs01 ~(keystone_admin)]# nova … Continue reading OpenStack liberty- Remove elements like duplicated hypervisors or unwanted ports

Building a Nuage/PackStack Lab at home Part 3

Update – August 1st, 2016: I’ve made an update thanks to @karkull feedback. some changes to neutron.cfg and nova.cfg files. I’ve made important changes the way I was presenting the info over this post. Hi there, Through this post, I will install nested packstack liberty with a controller/network node and a nova compute node. Then, I will install the Nuage plugin for neutron and the metadata, heat, horizon … Continue reading Building a Nuage/PackStack Lab at home Part 3

Installing OpenStack Kilo (Red Hat OSP7) LBaaS with @NuageNetworks VSP 3.2R4 (HAProxy)

Hi there. We can find hundreds of posts regarding how to install OpenStack LBaaS. This case I’ll bring an step-by-step guide to implement LBaaS with Nuage VSP 3.2.R4 into OpenStack Kilo OSP7 (Red Hat). Kilo uses the LBaaS API v2. I suggest you to get “VSP OpenStack Kilo Neutron Plugin User Guide (Release 3.2.R5 (Issue 2))”. Most of this post is based on this guide … Continue reading Installing OpenStack Kilo (Red Hat OSP7) LBaaS with @NuageNetworks VSP 3.2R4 (HAProxy)

Nuage Networks: Agility relies on the overlay

Cell phones are keeping network configurations among different zones. No matters where you are, or what antennas, routers or switches your data/voice is being transferred through; you will be connected to your loved ones for sure. Your private cloud is distributed among different spots. Instances are moving among clusters or facilities driven by power/hardware failures, performance or proximity. Wouldn’t it be cool if instances’ network settings and rules could be taken wherever … Continue reading Nuage Networks: Agility relies on the overlay

Should I use OpenStack?

OpenStack is just an ingredient. If you dare to use it, you’d deal with other IT pieces like hyper-visors, storage management and databases. Why do you think you need it? Is getting your IT stuff on time worth? If so, jump in to the next lines. Do you have security concerns what country your data is processed in? If so, better fill that gap from … Continue reading Should I use OpenStack?

Dreaming Hyper-Converged Datacenters

Selling IT consultancy, hardware and software is still a door-to-door business at enterprise segments. Companies don’t get your services without a trustworthy face. Even service providers don’t get IT infrastructure without a struggling process among meetings. On the other hand, AWS has changed how to consume IT. You will get the IT stuff you need immediately. The perfect service whether you don’t care about where … Continue reading Dreaming Hyper-Converged Datacenters

Koolfit & OpenStack will meet Panama Today!

Hi everybody. Today, I have a surprise, I’ve uploaded a video with my personal presentation of koolfit. I will add english subtitles laters, it’s  a promise, but if you want to do it for me, go ahead… hahaha View this post on Instagram Good Morning Panama.. @koolfit will meet you this evening #OpenStackHablaEspañol @kionetwoks A post shared by Mau (@p1nrojas) on Mar 3, 2015 at 4:17am … Continue reading Koolfit & OpenStack will meet Panama Today!