OpenStack Heat: the engine that helps you devOpize your architectures | IngloriousDevOps

Heat: Automate everything… Thanks Paco for sharing it! One of the main purposes of this blog is to help the community to understand and APPLY the DevOps paradigm. In a DevOps world it’s very important to get along the life cycle of your applications on a secure and automated way. If we want to deploy an application, we don’t want to mess around with manual procedures. We don’t want to modify our apps everytime a change of (virtual) hardware comes off. If []

The taste of salt | IngloriousDevOps

More info about “Salt” from our DevOps friend Memo… Hello, I want to continue with the SaltStack articles, In my past article I talked about Salt and the benefits of this tool, to have a complete installation of this tool you can review the PART I Now is the time to talk about Salt States. The Salt States are a representation of the state in which a system should be in, this is often called configuration management. The purpose of this article []

Just a little bit of Salt. | IngloriousDevOps

Memo, thanks for sharing this new tool, I had never heard about “Salt” before… what a nice complement to Heat… “A master server acts as a central control bus for the clients, named minions. Those minions connect back to the master node to report activities and results” via Just a little bit of Salt. |.