Hybrid Cloud Challenges – Simple stuff right?

Cloud, Simple stuff right? All the challenges associated with on-premise cloud will exponentially increase as the IT operations staff needs to account for an extended part of the IT general environment residing in Azure/AWS/Google/RackSpace. What issues does this present? -Network Connectivity -Network Security -Access Control -Day to Day management and operations -Data Protection (Disaster Recovery) -Portability of Application across different OS and VMs -Price -Scalability Let’s explore each one a little further: -Network ConnectivityA Hybrid cloud has to maintain connectivity across all…

Next Generation for Storage Architectures?

Last week I got a visit from a Nutanix (www.nutanix.com) Regional Rep, who used to work with me and I trust. It was the first time that hear about them and their products, And we were chatting about why they consider, as a company, SAN/NAS architectures will disappear eventually. Nutanix consider new ideas as distributed platforms and they called themselves the “evolution for convergence”. I want to say I was really delighted, but not impress, to see new products like this. Our []