Ups! I didn’t know malware’s got to such so serious and scary numbers! Thanks Erick for sharing. It’s kind of scary the increase of malware downloads in the enterprise environment. During 2012, almost half (43%) of the organizations had at least one case on which one user downloaded malware in an average of at least one per day, and the remaining 57% experimented one malware download every 2 to 24 hours. In contrast, over 2013 about 58% of organizations reported one incident []

OpenStack Heat: the engine that helps you devOpize your architectures | IngloriousDevOps

Heat: Automate everything… Thanks Paco for sharing it! One of the main purposes of this blog is to help the community to understand and APPLY the DevOps paradigm. In a DevOps world it’s very important to get along the life cycle of your applications on a secure and automated way. If we want to deploy an application, we don’t want to mess around with manual procedures. We don’t want to modify our apps everytime a change of (virtual) hardware comes off. If []

The taste of salt | IngloriousDevOps

More info about “Salt” from our DevOps friend Memo… Hello, I want to continue with the SaltStack articles, In my past article I talked about Salt and the benefits of this tool, to have a complete installation of this tool you can review the PART I Now is the time to talk about Salt States. The Salt States are a representation of the state in which a system should be in, this is often called configuration management. The purpose of this article []

Just a little bit of Salt. | IngloriousDevOps

Memo, thanks for sharing this new tool, I had never heard about “Salt” before… what a nice complement to Heat… “A master server acts as a central control bus for the clients, named minions. Those minions connect back to the master node to report activities and results” via Just a little bit of Salt. |.

My first steps in openstack

Congrats Joakincl, You have just step into the awesomeness of a new IT culture… “I like the possibility of dealing with environments in which you can learn in a detailed way how it works because you can understand, learn and also propose improvements. But keep in mind that you also will find errors that will be a challenge to solve” via My first steps in openstack.


Thanks to juliocus for sharing this Post with us from CHANGEaaS.com Data Domain the acquired company by EMC made an IN YOUR FACE bumper sticker. Bumper sticker read. TAPE SUCKS. Move on! Data Domain made a splash with this statement. Data Domain became very popular! Tape did suck! What sucked about it? Management, media errors within backup and restore environments. When you looked at most issues they were with media management that could compound into massive issues of not just failed media []