Interoperability is no longer a matter of choice for big storage vendors to OpenStack

Thanks to jolverar for sharing this Post with us from I was reading for some information about storage with this OpenStack new way, so I found some news out there covering proposals that involve customer experiences of deploying OpenStack and Storage vendors together technology deep-dives on Cinder and Manila; and who else but the both biggest Netapp & EMC, so I guess when customers try to get into the “Kloud” both of them desire to be present at one layer of the stack. []

Why Openstack dashboard is built in Django? | CHANGE as a Service

Ver interesting post memo, thanks very much for sharing this information with us. Django and web2py are excellent ‘full stack’ web frameworks with similar features and capabilities. Lying if I say that someone has a feature that the other has not, at least to my knowledge, but  as mention Gabriel Hurley in the mailing list:  “At the point at which the Horizon project first began the handful of folks working on it wanted a Python web framework that would get them up []

Make those answers work

I’ve got a look to the July/August HBR (Harvard Business Review) Magazine while flying back to Mexico from a so briefly stay in San Francisco at the IDF 2014. One of the articles that drew most my attention was Maelle Gavet‘s one: “How We Did it… The CEO of Ozon on Building an e-Commerce Giant in a Cash-Only Economy” Maelle became the CEO at Ozon, a Russian e-Commerce Company, in 2011. Ozon has had to overcome several challenges in order to get its []