eBay, a massive k8s and OpenStack ref case, releasing tessmaster to opensource #os17

Based on their words “K8s is app centric as openstack is Infra centric”. eBay faced many challenges to run K8s. It was hard to make them work seamesslessly. Challenges like multi-tenancy, app security, container registry have been addressed in order to make this work (check on the slides to get more of those) Tessmaster is their own deployment, running on k8s to manage k8s. They … Continue reading eBay, a massive k8s and OpenStack ref case, releasing tessmaster to opensource #os17

Second Generation Cloud #os17

Over OpenStack Summit Boston and based on Bryce’s words, we are facing the second generation cloud. Virtualizing everything, not just compute. Also, a new trend called “remotely managed private cloud” where you own the infra relying on a remote managed service from openstack experts. Kubernetes (including OpenShift of course) is by far the most used tool. Public, hosted private and internal private are almost even … Continue reading Second Generation Cloud #os17

Docker with Nuage Integration

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The Nuage Virtual Router and Switch (VRS) can be utilized on a number of different platforms including BareMetal Servers, ESXi, KVM and HyperV. In this post we’re going to utilize the VRS as part of a KVM Docker Server running on a CentOS7.3 Minimum Server. During the time of this post the version of Nuage being utilized is 4.0R8… Continue reading Docker with Nuage Integration

ZFB NSGv using an iso file

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Network Services Gateway (NSG) is the Nuage SD-WAN product that comes in many forms. In this blog we’ll talk about how to bootstrap a Virtual NSG for KVM using an .iso file, or Zero Factor Bootstrap (ZFB). ZFB is one of three bootstrap methods. The other two require human intervention via email (single) or email plus SMS Text (dual).… Continue reading ZFB NSGv using an iso file

RDO Newton with nuage

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In this post we’ll learn how to install OpenStack RDO (Newton) and integrate it with nuage. As a perquisite the Nuage VCS components must have already been installed and setup. The only requirements between the OpenStack controller and the VSD is that the root (or whatever user you plan to utilize for API access between the OpenStack Contoller and… Continue reading RDO Newton with nuage


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Need a simple and easy to use Free KVM Manager? While there are many tools out there that offer similar functionality I found that with only a few hosts WebVirtMgr offers a simple and easy UI to create and manage Hypervisors and VM’s. Outline of setting up WebVirtMgr Prepare CentOS 7.3 Server Prepare CentOS 7.3 Client Install and configure… Continue reading WebVirtMGR

OpenStack NFS Storage

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Having an OpenStack NFS storage will allow for the testing of VM migration between Nova Compute nodes. The following highlights a simple way of building an NFS storage for your OpenStack VMs. Prerequisites NFS Server with nova access CentOS 7.3 as the NFS Client OpenStack compute nodes deployed (tested on Mitaka and Newton) Server Side Create a directory on… Continue reading OpenStack NFS Storage

data-only containers for ansible automation

Hi, I did a playbook to create my PoCs much faster (from days to one hour). And got some issues with my Mac. My python got broken Then I’ve decided to manage my playbook thru containers (Check my project here). However, managing data from those, brings a portability issue. Then, to make it simple. I started to use data-only containers. I’ve got the the idea … Continue reading data-only containers for ansible automation