eBay, a massive k8s and OpenStack ref case, releasing tessmaster to opensource #os17

Based on their words “K8s is app centric as openstack is Infra centric”. eBay faced many challenges to run K8s. It was hard to make them work seamesslessly. Challenges like multi-tenancy, app security, container registry have been addressed in order to make this work (check on the slides to get more of those) Tessmaster is their own deployment, running on k8s to manage k8s. They showed a live demo how tessmaster could thru openstack and k8s heal all k8s cluster running company []

Second Generation Cloud #os17

Over OpenStack Summit Boston and based on Bryce’s words, we are facing the second generation cloud. Virtualizing everything, not just compute. Also, a new trend called “remotely managed private cloud” where you own the infra relying on a remote managed service from openstack experts. Kubernetes (including OpenShift of course) is by far the most used tool. Public, hosted private and internal private are almost even on usage. And you can find even small as huge companies from diff industries adopting private openstack []