Special Christmas: Treat people the way you would want to be treated

I am not a God or Jesus believer, I do believe in good people bringing good things to the rest of the world. These thoughts go further about to be a God believer or not.  This is not a note to discuss about the existence of God, I fully respect who believes in him. All these good feelings coming from Christmas could leave you something important if you really want it. My personal opinion of these dates are not about the quality []

Assess your current state of innovation

In a world with so many information to read and process, it’s hard to find the time/energy to analyze all the tweets or blog/linkedin posts, there are so many nice notes that I would really like to check all of them, but they make me feel overwhelmed and wondering how younger people stay in and enjoy it. Are you thinking to develop your own big data analytics personal widget? … Well, I am! I have to admit, if your target is staying []

Original ideas are no longer exist?

At the time I am writing these lines I am flying back to Mexico after a good time at the Gartner Datacenter Conference in Las Vegas. I am taking a couple of new ideas that I will glad to share later after some research.  I am sitting laid back and watching a release of a new movie called “Paranoia”, I definitely don’t recommend it, it’s poor on performance and script, showing handsome young guys wearing suite and  running IT innovation departments;  probably you agree that now a days companies get its talent from smart guys, not based on the car []

What is your favorite Cloud flavor?

Today’s Cloud Providers cannot play with only one product to attend to the market demand. Just a couple of years ago we used to have “the” cloud service to attend to all our requirements. At that time we have realized that costs, business objectives and legal/regulatory issues could change the way that customers consume it. To mention some examples here are: sensitive business data does need to be in country by law, that make customers look for local Cloud providers or  maybe []

The most skilled Openstack member in LATAM

Virtualization and Cloud are not synonymous. We (including You) certainly know that long time ago, right? You can even provide cloud-hosting services not using any hyper-visor at all. That sounds pretty basic, but a not less important part of companies in LATAM are just discovering this, most of them attracted by the economic benefits and to stay competitive and agile. Cloud today is defined on SEXY words like Automation, Orchestration, online Chargeback and immediate Elasticity. Nowadays the go-to market for this sort of services need to be in []

IaaS has got commodity

I have read “the end of competitive advantage” by Rita Gunther,  and the common pattern that I got from this one and others readings about the new way to do business: How fast companies success or fail , just in months you can be successful or mess up all your hard work.  You have to avoid your core product or service to be turn commodity, and how do you know it’s happening? if one of your most important differentiator with the competition []

Next Generation for Storage Architectures?

Last week I got a visit from a Nutanix (www.nutanix.com) Regional Rep, who used to work with me and I trust. It was the first time that hear about them and their products, And we were chatting about why they consider, as a company, SAN/NAS architectures will disappear eventually. Nutanix consider new ideas as distributed platforms and they called themselves the “evolution for convergence”. I want to say I was really delighted, but not impress, to see new products like this. Our []