IaaS has got commodity

I have read “the end of competitive advantage” by Rita Gunther,  and the common pattern that I got from this one and others readings about the new way to do business: How fast companies success or fail , just in months you can be successful or mess up all your hard work.  You have to avoid your core product or service to be turn commodity, and how do you know it’s happening? if one of your most important differentiator with the competition []

Next Generation for Storage Architectures?

Last week I got a visit from a Nutanix (www.nutanix.com) Regional Rep, who used to work with me and I trust. It was the first time that hear about them and their products, And we were chatting about why they consider, as a company, SAN/NAS architectures will disappear eventually. Nutanix consider new ideas as distributed platforms and they called themselves the “evolution for convergence”. I want to say I was really delighted, but not impress, to see new products like this. Our []