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#CRUSH: Distributing the low-level block allocation problem

I remember when I started to work with some Block Storage Arrays – or SAN storage systems – and how vendors those days were committed to bring savings through a disk consolidation project. A solution that caused some confusion when you realized that you had to pay three times more for no so too much performance and capacity – consolidation was the trend on those days – I remember when those storage vendors offered me copy licenses – that required much more capacity and money of course – to speed a []

Snapshots are breaking bad into data protection strategies

Let’s stop writing about cloud for a moment and let’s go to the basic. As I’ve mentioned before, we can say Backup is the most challenged operation in any organization but then let me ask you: How is your current backup process? Are you happy with it? Probably you aren’t, or at least you are not full satisfied due to there is a permanent feeling that this process could be better. Are you using tape to back-up to your most important applications? Probably the answer is “yes”. Are you using tape as the only option []