Private registry for #kubernetes cluster

Last post I told you how to create a simple registry for your Docker. Now, we need to make it work with our kubernetes cluster and that will require some extra steps: Authentication and Manage some additional parameters in your ReplicationController config. I am using an update Centos 7 with docker-engine installed. Most of the info I’ve got it from nikvdp’s post. Prepare your system … Continue reading Private registry for #kubernetes cluster

Private (free of charge) image container registry #docker

Told you this post was coming. Save your app images sometimes can be costy, especially when you have tons of version over a development. here you have a simple way to create your own registry. Assume that you own the domain (i.e. nuage.lab). Its DNS record points to the host where you are running your registry (i.e. registry.nuage.lab). I am using a couple of docker … Continue reading Private (free of charge) image container registry #docker

Your personal #Kubernetes image repo in a few steps (

Hello there. Yep! K8s is giving my some nosleep. New challenge: use my own images could be a bit more harder that I’ve thought. Then, I’ve decided to use (for now). There’re some info you can get from Kubernetes: Hello World Walkthrough However, I want to use my own private cluster. That brings a bit more challenge. First of all, get your k8s up … Continue reading Your personal #Kubernetes image repo in a few steps (