Ansible playbook and roles to install #kubernetes with nuage (version 1.5)

Provide an Ansible playbook that implements the steps described in Installing Kubernetes on Linux with kubeadm for version 1.5 (check at the bottom of the kubeadm tutorial). My case, ansible runs into a container with a temporary private key. Check more details at p1nrojas/ansible-kubeadm-nuage Please Note Kubernetes/kubeadm 1.5 Assumptions These playbooks assume: Nuage VSD and VSCs are up and running. You have access to 3+ … Continue reading Ansible playbook and roles to install #kubernetes with nuage (version 1.5)

Highlight ansible YAML and Jinja syntax in “vim” Editor

Hi Guys, Sometimes. I’m getting a bit dizzy with all those lines playing with ansible. This will helpful to have more fun over your coding. Active syntax colors i your YAML and Jinja files Use this: Now add the following lines to vim ~/.vimrc to activate this and start autoloading bundles. Now, download the bundles. You’re done! Now prepare to be amazed “vim” any … Continue reading Highlight ansible YAML and Jinja syntax in “vim” Editor

Prepare your #Kubernetes Cluster with #Ansible and #cloud_init

A bit tired using bash scripts. I’ve done this small playbook based on the post: “Resize and manage cloud-init on kvm with centos cloud images”. to build up your k8s master/minions over KVM using a Cloud QCOW2 image. I’ve used cloud_init to configure those cloud images from a temporary cdrom iso. Check out the code at my repo: p1nrojas/k8s-demo-installer Requirements Check out you have enough … Continue reading Prepare your #Kubernetes Cluster with #Ansible and #cloud_init

#DevOps #PerfBuilderPlan looking that good

DevOps and Meritocracy friendly co-exist Today we’ve kicked off our Performance Builder Plan #PerfBuilderPlan for DevOps. A plan to help our team heads to excellence. Showing to the opensource community how much we know. To be as good, we must look that good. Understanding what the digital community wants thru a social friendly communication. Promote our content and get constant feedback. blogging our achievements getting comments, hits … Continue reading #DevOps #PerfBuilderPlan looking that good