First OpenStack Foundation Day in LATAM

April 29th we have our first OpenStack Day in LATAM sponsored by several companies like Rackspace, Arista, EMC, NetApp, IBM, Huawei, Oracle, VMWare… and of course KIO. You could se more details at https://openstackdaylatam.com The main target is take OpenStack’s community closer to our region and prepare our market’s leaders to get advantage from this amazing new trend. We’ll have speakers like Alan Clark –I will listen to him for the first time ever, Do you believe it?- It would be nice to have []

The most skilled Openstack member in LATAM

Virtualization and Cloud are not synonymous. We (including You) certainly know that long time ago, right? You can even provide cloud-hosting services not using any hyper-visor at all. That sounds pretty basic, but a not less important part of companies in LATAM are just discovering this, most of them attracted by the economic benefits and to stay competitive and agile. Cloud today is defined on SEXY words like Automation, Orchestration, online Chargeback and immediate Elasticity. Nowadays the go-to market for this sort of services need to be in []