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Thanks to juliocus for sharing this Post with us from Data Domain the acquired company by EMC made an IN YOUR FACE bumper sticker. Bumper sticker read. TAPE SUCKS. Move on! Data Domain made a splash with this statement. Data Domain became very popular! Tape did suck! What sucked about it? Management, media errors within backup and restore environments. When you looked at most issues they were with media management that could compound into massive issues of not just failed media []

Interoperability is no longer a matter of choice for big storage vendors to OpenStack

Thanks to jolverar for sharing this Post with us from I was reading for some information about storage with this OpenStack new way, so I found some news out there covering proposals that involve customer experiences of deploying OpenStack and Storage vendors together technology deep-dives on Cinder and Manila; and who else but the both biggest Netapp & EMC, so I guess when customers try to get into the “Kloud” both of them desire to be present at one layer of the stack. []

The difference between an open standard and an enterprise cloud model

One year ago we decided to create our cloud called open edition as a response to the Mexican market demand for better resources at small prices. At this time we were offering just one flavor related to server virtualization with a lower level of automation. Today, there is a strong growing need for more automated and full orchestrated infrastructure A global full orchestrated and packed offering from big providers like Amazon and Rackspace have changed the way in which cloud is consumed. []

I want to be Jordan Belfort

Just arriving at home after watch “The Wolf of Wall Street” I started to write these words. What is my opinion of the movie? Answer: AWESOME! What a way to motivate the team and get the “best self” from them! How do you stimulate your team? promoting team working; convince them to be committed with their job because could be the best for their carrier; or trying to bring some kind of economic compensation to push them to be aligned with your []