Make those answers work

I’ve got a look to the July/August HBR (Harvard Business Review) Magazine while flying back to Mexico from a so briefly stay in San Francisco at the IDF 2014. One of the articles that drew most my attention was Maelle Gavet‘s one: “How We Did it… The CEO of Ozon on Building an e-Commerce Giant in a Cash-Only Economy” Maelle became the CEO at Ozon, a Russian e-Commerce Company, in 2011. Ozon has had to overcome several challenges in order to get its []

You are not married to public cloud boy!

Honestly, I am not checking my twits everyday –who really does it cast the first stone-, just a couple of days ago I’ve grabbed my phone to try the new twitter app version that I’ve updated since some weeks –BTW.  It was a nice change, I was a bit tired of the last one- and I’ve got interest on a twit from @elenaneira highlighting “Startups Move away from#Cloud” Probably this note is not a big surprise for so smart guys like you, but it makes me []

How to choose the right technology for your business

How many vendors and providers could be well attended by a CTO office? Despite of CTO don’t buy directly from vendors, is an influencer in taking the decision of what technologies are aligned to the company’s technology evolution path, and We can bring a better comprehension of the  products’ advantages versus their cost to acquire and operate them. There are so many technologies, and so many vendors and resellers for each one. How could we decide what technology to choose? What are the main factors we need to keep in mind before choosing or []

Teamwork means a better job for your customers

Attitude changes your entropy Attitude means culture Customers want their jobs done. More than a perfect job, they want it done. And usually to make a job done depends on more people than you, your team. Teamwork is essential. The best way to show teamwork is under unfavorable circumstances. Supposed you have agreed to finish a job for your customer at specific date. Over that date you haven’t finished it because your mate hasn’t supported you with his/her part. And when a []