Working a year in a dog’s life

This is my 21st post and I realized I’ve been working at KIO Networks since 20 months, 20 months that seem to be 80 months. Some KIOs told me: A year at KIO is like a year in a dog’s life. Now, I can say I fully understand what they meant. I’ve learned so many things throughout this journey at KIO, I’ve learned from every success, but even more from every mistake. Culture is a key, and it’s not the exception for us, that’s why we support this culture on values. Our values are reinforced through every []

I want to be Jordan Belfort

Just arriving at home after watch “The Wolf of Wall Street” I started to write these words. What is my opinion of the movie? Answer: AWESOME! What a way to motivate the team and get the “best self” from them! How do you stimulate your team? promoting team working; convince them to be committed with their job because could be the best for their carrier; or trying to bring some kind of economic compensation to push them to be aligned with your []

Special Christmas: Treat people the way you would want to be treated

I am not a God or Jesus believer, I do believe in good people bringing good things to the rest of the world. These thoughts go further about to be a God believer or not.  This is not a note to discuss about the existence of God, I fully respect who believes in him. All these good feelings coming from Christmas could leave you something important if you really want it. My personal opinion of these dates are not about the quality []