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Need a simple and easy to use Free KVM Manager? While there are many tools out there that offer similar functionality I found that with only a few hosts WebVirtMgr offers a simple and easy UI to create and manage Hypervisors and VM’s. Outline of setting up WebVirtMgr Prepare CentOS 7.3 Server Prepare CentOS 7.3 Client Install and configure… Continue reading WebVirtMGR

#Nuage #docker demo in a box

Hello There, I’ve been working thru several PoCs last weeks. And always struggling over the installation of VSD and VSC. This post delivers some tips and installation notes to make things easier. I’ve done that only on one physical box. then, I created a dummy interface as bridge. that way I don’t need to bother my self changing the Ip Segment Prepare your environment Create … Continue reading #Nuage #docker demo in a box

#Ceph 0.87 earlier perf results KVM 2.0 & libvirt1.2.2 #Openstack Icehouse

Hello, after almost a year working with Ceph in our cloud solution koolfit.mx … we are pleased to share some earlier test performance results, we are on the way to prepare something nicer, however, I’ve got a not so weird impulse to publish it despite those numbers could change later – We’ve concluded to do some adjustments to the platform, based on this first round of results… we are sure … Continue reading #Ceph 0.87 earlier perf results KVM 2.0 & libvirt1.2.2 #Openstack Icehouse

The heart of Nova: Libvirt | CHANGE as a Service

“The Libvirt driver for Nova is one of the most comprehensive implementations across all supported hypervisors. Do you know how Nova can spawn, suspend or terminate an instance? well, those are API calls to get interactions between Nova, Libvirt and KVM” Thanks Memo for such a nice post about NOVA… Could you post something about Cinder ;)? via The heart of Nova: Libvirt | CHANGE … Continue reading The heart of Nova: Libvirt | CHANGE as a Service