#KloudCamp has arrived to Guatemala

#KloudCamp is an event to meet people with a common interest to learn or teach about cloud. We firmly think that cloud not just can change the way that you works and make business, we think cloud can even change the way of living. Look at the following opening video to our event in Mexico 2013 – BTW, we’ve used it again in Guatemala to open – #KloudCamp is fully organized and produced by @kionetworks. Also, we usually have sponsors like EMC and []

A big step for the Mexican Communication Market

Last Wednesday CITI that stands for “Consorcio de Intercambio de Tráfico de Internet”, that means something like the IXP’s Consortium, announced the operation of the first IXP (Internet Exchange Point) in Mexico. This first IXP will be hosted at the most robust – and cutting-edge technology based- Datacenter in LATAM: KIO Networks Santa Fe (Mexico City). KIO Networks is member of the Board of CITI from the beginning.  Actually, I’m part of the technical board 😉 CUDI stands for “Centro Universitario para []