The taste of salt | IngloriousDevOps

More info about “Salt” from our DevOps friend Memo… Hello, I want to continue with the SaltStack articles, In my past article I talked about Salt and the benefits of this tool, to have a complete installation of this tool you can review the PART I Now is the time to talk about Salt States. The Salt States are a representation of the state in which a system should be in, this is often called configuration management. The purpose of this article []

Just a little bit of Salt. | IngloriousDevOps

Memo, thanks for sharing this new tool, I had never heard about “Salt” before… what a nice complement to Heat… “A master server acts as a central control bus for the clients, named minions. Those minions connect back to the master node to report activities and results” via Just a little bit of Salt. |.

Why Openstack dashboard is built in Django? | CHANGE as a Service

Ver interesting post memo, thanks very much for sharing this information with us. Django and web2py are excellent ‘full stack’ web frameworks with similar features and capabilities. Lying if I say that someone has a feature that the other has not, at least to my knowledge, but  as mention Gabriel Hurley in the mailing list:  “At the point at which the Horizon project first began the handful of folks working on it wanted a Python web framework that would get them up []

Feed your head with new ways to deliver private

Open is better! Open makes easy to find agile ways to get your job done! Open supports the permanent transformation that your business requires! Whoever is saying that knows how exactly the market will behave in the next months or years, It’s not the best horse to bet on. IT market is changing every week …or better say, every day. I can say what I think is the new generation for cloud architectures now. However, somebody could change it within the next hour.   []