#Kubernetes in a few steps

Howdy, There’s a lot online info how to set your kubernetes cluster. This is what I found as the simplest to install your own local one. I am using my own lab server with Centos7 and qemu-kvm. I’ve created two servers called k8scluster and k8snode01 using centos7 cloud images (check the script here) I have a local DNS server based on bind. I’ve created both … Continue reading #Kubernetes in a few steps

Heat: Orchestration improvements on Openstack Havana #OpenstackHablaEspañol

At this very moment, the first OpenStack Day in LATAM is taking place at the Word Trade Center in Mexico City. We are pretty happy with all the people that have came -around 250 techies-. The first OpenStack summit in USA just got an attending of 60 guys, so, I think it’s a very nice starting point for the community in LATAM. In one of my previous notes I … Continue reading Heat: Orchestration improvements on Openstack Havana #OpenstackHablaEspañol