#CRUSH: Distributing the low-level block allocation problem

I remember when I started to work with some Block Storage Arrays – or SAN storage systems – and how vendors those days were committed to bring savings through a disk consolidation project. A solution that caused some confusion when you realized that you had to pay three times more for no so too much performance and capacity – consolidation was the trend on those days – I remember when those storage vendors offered me copy licenses – that required much more capacity and money of course – to speed a []

#EMCWorld14: Redefine our business, but let’s keep the traditional stuff for a while

Joe Tucci have told that EMC will support you to reach what we can say the third platform generation (mobile, cloud, big data…). But also, there will be the traditional applications like Oracle, SAP, IBM, Java… – don’t kill the messenger, he has showed their logos pretty clear in his slide as the traditional stuff – (What a nice stage, EMC knows how to impress customers) Redefine is a strong word, I have to concede that EMC is being through a journey []

Getting backup jobs done are not a warranty you are fully protected

Would you go home to sleep confident without knowing that your data is backed up? Would you go home to sleep confident without knowing that your data is fully restorable? You wouldn’t, because you can’t know if your data will be fully restored until you have already tested it. You might have an evidence of your backup, but this is not warranty you can already restore it 100% to the most updated version. Evidence of control means you have to probe, with minimal or no doubt at all, that you can restore the []